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Things to do before I leave

Almost two months ago, I finally gave in to my family’s request and decided that I will be moving to Australia. It’s a surprise both for me and my close friends since they know that I’m quite hesitant about the idea of moving overseas.┬áThe main reason that I’m hesitant is because I knew I could earn here what I would potentially earn over there. Aside from that and the idea of leaving my family and friends behind, I knew there were just so many things that I wouldn’t be able to do once I’m there. I couldn’t go “Weekend Warrior Mode” that much.

Once I had my mind set that I’ll be moving, I gave myself a deadline. I told myself that the earliest time I would be moving would be sometime between late August to mid September. With that in mind, I knew I had only less than a year to do the things I wanted to do here in the Philippines. So, in order for me to accomplish these things, I made myself a list. I have this on my phone right now but I felt that I just needed to post it here just in case.

So here goes (in random order):

  1. Paragliding in South Cotabato
  2. Road trip to Buda
  3. Join a triathlon (even just a mini one)
  4. Join a fun run (I’m not really a fan of these)
  5. Visit Corregidor
  6. Experience Batanes
  7. Enjoy sand boarding in Ilocos
  8. Do the Plunge in Bohol
  9. Reach the summit of Mt. Apo
  10. See the Hot Air Balloon Festival
  11. Try wake boarding in Camarines Sur
  12. Snorkel in Apo Island
  13. Scuba dive in Balicasag, Bohol
  14. Surf in Siargao
  15. Book a flight to Coron
  16. Be a certified Scuba diver


  1. Off-road 4×4 driving in Mt. Pinatubo
  2. White water rafting in CDO or Davao
  3. Fly a prop plane in Angeles
  4. Canyoning in Alegria

I’m crushing out surfing in Siargao because I did that two weeks ago, as well as the last item since I’m already a certified SDI Open Water Diver. But still it’s a loooong long way to go. And though I’m not really aiming to do all of these, I’m still hoping I can do as much as I can with so little time and just enough budget. I’ll make sure to come back to this post and update as soon as I crush out an item off this list.

Oh man, writing this makes me already miss it here.

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