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My 2018 in review

Short story: it was an awesome crazy edge-of-your-seat year for me.

Long story: this year I was able to accomplish a lot of things I told myself that I’m going to accomplish. Maybe not all, but maybe I was at least halfway there. Some of them I did not tell myself I’m going to accomplish, I just kind of did.

So yeah, here’s a quick rundown of what happened in my 2018.

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Things to do before I leave

Almost two months ago, I finally gave in to my family’s request and decided that I will be moving to Australia. It’s a surprise both for me and my close friends since they know that I’m quite hesitant about the idea of moving overseas.┬áThe main reason that I’m hesitant is because I knew I could earn here what I would potentially earn over there. Aside from that and the idea of leaving my family and friends behind, I knew there were just so many things that I wouldn’t be able to do once I’m there. I couldn’t go “Weekend Warrior Mode” that much.

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