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Snorkeling in Moalboal, Cebu

Wow. It’s been almost two and a half months since my last post and this blog is almost dying. It’s not that I don’t have anything to post but it’s just that I’ve been reaaaaally lazy lately. Whew.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let me share our most recent adventure.

Last week, my housemates and I decided to go on a spontaneous out-of-town trip. Our destination: Moalboal.

While getting to Moalboal by bus is easy, getting back is a bit tricky. Buses going back to the city seldom pass by Moalboal and most of the time, only few seats are available. It is for this exact reason why we decided to rent a car.

It usually takes only two to two and a half hours to get there by private car but since we left late (7:30AM), city traffic caught up and we ended up driving for three hours.

Upon getting there, we immediately went to Savedra Dive Shop. Most divers I have asked highly recommended it. They have three dive schedules for each day: 7:30AM, 10:30AM, and 2:30PM. The 10:30AM dive was, for me, the most important as it was theĀ Pescador Island dive. Unfortunately, we arrived at the dive shop at exactly 10:30AM and the boat for Pescador Island just left. I was left with no choice but to join the 2:30PM dive. For the mean time, we decided to go on a snorkeling tour.

Since it was still pretty early, we decided to have brunch and along the way, chanced upon Mark. He’s the guy who arranged our canyoning adventure few months back.

Mark had four guests with him who wants to go snorkeling and we decided to join their group to reduce the costs. The boat’s capacity is between 10-12 people.

It took a while before the boatman that Mark contacted was able to get his boat ready for us and we were able to start the tour at around 12nn. It was unfortunate, really. Because it meant that I won’t be able to join the 2:30PM dive because the snorkeling tour lasts for around 2-3 hours.

Snorkeling tour

The snorkeling tour has three stops. The first stop has very rich corals and I can say that the underwater ecosystem in the area is really healthy and it was only a few minutes away from the shore. For our second stop, we went to an island that was around 10-15 minutes away. There were a handful of fishes and the corals are also very much alive. For our third and final stop, we went back to the shore. Well, not really. It was only a few meters off the shore line. They called this spot the “sardines run” spot. At first, I wouldn’t believe the boat man when he pointed to the water and said, “there’s the sardines!” But when I put my mask on and peered down the water, I was taken aback. I have never seen so much fishes in my life.

Sardine run

I don’t know which words to use to describe it but I swear I could have spent the rest of the afternoon snorkeling in that area if not for the jellyfishes that sting a bit.

Watch the video below:

All in all, I definitely recommend visiting Moalboal, especially to those free divers and scuba divers alike. I even promised to myself to go back there some day, even on my own, and stay for a night so I could go scuba diving all I want.


  • Car rental – Php 2,000.00 (24 hrs)
  • Gas – Php 500.00 (round trip Cebu City – Moalboal)
  • Snorkeling tour – Php 1,100.00 / 4 = Php 275.00
  • Brunch – Php 110.00
  • Snacks – Php 480.00 / 4 = Php 120.00

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