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Tips and tricks: shoot better travel videos with GoPro

Let’s face it, when it comes to travel and adventures, gone are the days when people would carry around their bulky dSLR’s. GoPro has now become the norm. It has dominated almost all aspects of travel and adventure videos and photos, given that it’s the most versatile and feature-rich action camera out there.


Things to do before I leave

Almost two months ago, I finally gave in to my family’s request and decided that I will be moving to Australia. It’s a surprise both for me and my close friends since they know that I’m quite hesitant about the idea of moving overseas.┬áThe main reason that I’m hesitant is because I knew I could earn here what I would potentially earn over there. Aside from that and the idea of leaving my family and friends behind, I knew there were just so many things that I wouldn’t be able to do once I’m there. I couldn’t go “Weekend Warrior Mode” that much.

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