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The Weekend Warrior Posts

Medical Mission in Camotes Island

Not so long ago, I told myself that when the day comes that I become rich – like filthy rich – I’m going to start a foundation and help those who are less fortunate. I still hold on to that thought to this day.

Giving back to the community and helping/serving the less fortunate and the poor is one of the many things I love to do. It’s not just all adventures and travels and adrenaline rush for me. So, when my housemate asked me weeks ago if I wanted to join them in a medical mission to Camotes Island, I immediately said yes.

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18 days on the road: Davao to Manila and back

More than 4 years ago, our family decided to embark on one of the greatest adventures of our lives. It was an adventure that was both quite exciting and challenging and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do it again. I can only hope so.

I only know a handful of people who were able to accomplish this and since all of us in the family practically free from work duties, we decided to give it a shot.

Here is the brief story about the time we crossed the country from Davao City to Manila and back.

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Canyoning in Badian, Cebu

Jump. Hop. Dive. Trek. These are the things that you would most likely be doing when you decide to go canyoning in Badian, Cebu.

Ever since GMA aired this episode of “Biyahe ni Drew” a few years back, tourists have been flocking this place not only to enjoy nature’s beauty, but also to experience the adrenaline rush of jumping from a high cliff into deep waters. Since then, the tourism and the activity itself has improved. Helmet and vests are now mandated and only accredited guides are allowed by the local Tourism office.

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Which GoPro to buy: Hero 4 Black, Silver, Hero Session, Hero

So, you’ve finally saved enough money to buy your first action camera, hooray!

But before you go to your favourite store and hand over your hard-earned money to the cashier, here are some things that you should probably consider before making your purchase. Take note that these are solely based on my personal research months before I bought my first GoPro. There are more reading and viewing materials online so I suggest you check them out as well.