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Travel tips: things you should remember when traveling

When traveling or going on an adventure, are you the strict-type Weekend Warrior who tries to do things as “by the book” as possible? Or are you the type who just goes out there freely, going YOLO and just seizing the days ahead? Whatever the case may be, take note that there are things that we should always remember when going out there and sometimes, things just doesn’t go according to our plans and, as the old adage goes, we’d rather be safe than be sorry.

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Trekking a beautiful disaster: Mt. Pinatubo

In February 2011, my siblings and I reached the summit of the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo. It was a four-day trek going up and down the mountain and during those times, the bond that I had with my brother and sister grew stronger. It was definitely a bucket list itemĀ and the sense of adventure I felt back then made me appreciate nature even more. Since then, I knew trekking or mountaineering would be something I would love and, if ever given the chance, I would definitely do again.

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I have fallen in love with Nagsasa

Imagine a place where the mountains meet the sea; a place where the water is as calm as a baby (well, except when there’s poop in its diapers) and as clear as a crystal, and; a place where the sun sets in a perfect dark orange color across the horizon and when you look up at the sky at night, you can clearly see the stars shining down on you.

Now, imagine waking up to this scenery every morning. Every. Single. Day. Wouldn’t that be paradise? Of course it would.

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