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My first star trail

During the weekend, I was finally able to shoot my first star trail. I was excited but at the same time forgot to read about it. I’ve wanted to try shooting one for a long time, even before when I had my DSLR. It’s both a challenge and a pleasure shooting a star trail using DSLR because it puts too much strain (in my opinion) in the camera’s mirror. Another thing to consider is the location. Star trails must be shot in locations with little to none light pollution. And since I live in the city and don’t have a car, that’s almost an impossible feat to do.

Two months ago, I bought my first GoPro Hero 4. It’s the Black Edition and had recently a cool firmware upgrade that allows you to set the camera to shoot in Nightlapse mode. Unlike shooting using a DSLR, with GP4BE, you don’t have to worry about too much technical stuff, you just have to understand the basics.

During the weekend, I was finally able to test out my GP4BE when we went to Siargao. We stayed in a beach that’s literally facing the Pacific Ocean, which is perfect because there’s very little light pollution except for our bonfire and for some lights in the horizon. I set up my tripod, mounted the GoPro, and set to shoot to nightlapse mode. I was actually aiming for a star trail timelapse but due to lack of knowledge and experience, I ended up shooting a star trail instead. There were 39 photos all in all and although I wanted to shoot longer, I had to stop because the GoPro was already heating up and the battery was almost drained.

It was a fun and exciting experience, especially when you see the final output. Next time I’ll try going far outside the city and shoot more star trail photos.

For a larger version of the photo, click HERE.

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