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Canyoning in Badian, Cebu

Jump. Hop. Dive. Trek. These are the things that you would most likely be doing when you decide to go canyoning in Badian, Cebu.

Ever since GMA aired this episode of “Biyahe ni Drew” a few years back, tourists have been flocking this place not only to enjoy nature’s beauty, but also to experience the adrenaline rush of jumping from a high cliff into deep waters. Since then, the tourism and the activity itself has improved. Helmet and vests are now mandated and only accredited guides are allowed by the local Tourism office.

I have seen so many posts about this and decided that I really wanted to try it for myself. So, not more than a week ago, I, along with some friends, organized a canyoning activity.

We invited some college friends to join us and by the time we left for Badian, there were 11 of us. This was a good number as it’s not too crowded but still be able to divide the expenses pretty well.

Transportation and guide

We decided that the most practical and convenient way to get there was to rent a van. This eliminates the worry of having to get a bus on the way back to the city. We were able to contact sir Rene Sagayno (09227076155) and he offered us a very affordable P5,000.00 round-trip deal inclusive of driver and gas.

For our guide, we found sir Mark Yong from GoPro Users Philippines to be the best option. He offered us a P700.00-each deal inclusive of guides, ecotourism fee, and equipment (helmet and vest). Though he wasn’t really there to guide us during the whole canyoning, he hooked us up with some of the best (and funniest) guides in town. He also offered to provide us our lunch for P120.00 each which included soft drinks, water, lechon manok, and home-made lumpia (hmmmmm…saraaaaappp!!!). We brought our own rice so he didn’t have to worry about that.

What to wear

For upper body, rash guard or dri fit clothes is the best option. For lower body, wearing short-to-medium length shorts is ideal as your legs/knees is free from obstruction when jumping into water or climbing up the rocks after. For the footwear, I chose to wear my hard-soled booties that I bought last summer. It stuck like glue and I didn’t have to worry about slipping. Wearing trek shoes isn’t recommended as it gets heavy as water gets in. They say it’s slippery as well. Open sandals isn’t that bad but you just have to be really careful as your feet is vulnerable to scratches and cuts.

During our adventure, the weather didn’t cooperate with us. I was really hoping and looking forward to a sunny Saturday morning but it was pretty gloomy when we arrived in the area. And after an hour or so of canyoning, it started raining. It was bad for taking videos and photos.

*credits to Jellan and Randolph for some photos.

All in all, canyoning in Badian was, for me, an epic adventure I wouldn’t hesitate doing again. Hopefully, by that time, the weather would be good to me.

If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I added some extra stuff you might want to know about the whole activity.


What to remember

  1. Basic rules and guidelines for mountaineering applies: take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints
  2. You are in nature’s territory, be mindful when making loud noises. Just shut up and enjoy the view
  3. Follow the instructions of the guides, your safety is their utmost concern
  4. Do not take off your helmet until the activity is done (I almost fell out of balance and I had my helmet off)
  5. If you’re going to jump off a cliff or a high place, make sure that the area below is clear
  6. Having 2nd thoughts and hesitation when jumping will only prolong your agony. If you want/need to jump, just JUMP!
  7. When taking photos/videos, don’t forget to look back as the scenery might be just as awesome

What to bring

  1. Spare cash
  2. Lunch meal
  3. Small- to medium-sized towel
  4. Spare clothes for changing
  5. Zip lock to put cellphones, valuables, and cash

What to bring during canyoning

  1. Dry bag 5-10L
  2. Trail food (small chocolate or boiled eggs)
  3. Action camera with spare battery/ies (anti-fog inserts is a MUST)
  4. GoPole, bobber, floaty, or any mounts that will float
  5. Small face towel (keep in dry bag, necessary IF you’re going to change your action cam’s battery)
  6. Spare footwear/sandal (for emergency purposes)
  7. 120ml-500ml water (optional)


  • 3:00AM – call time
  • 4:00AM – jump off Cebu City
  • 4:30AM – drive-thru Jollibee Minglanilla
  • 6:30AM – meet-up with Mark at La Playa beach, Badian
  • 6:50AM – register at Alegria Tourism office
  • 7:02AM – ride habal-habal going up
  • 7:11AM – arrive on top, put up gear (vest and helmet)
  • 7:40AM – prayers, orientation, trek starts
  • 7:46AM – arrive at starting point
  • 10:40AM – arrive at 3rd waterfalls
  • 11:10AM – arrive at 2nd waterfalls
  • 11:32AM – arrive at Kawasan falls
  • 12:00NN – lunch
  • 1:30PM – jump off Badian
  • 4:00PM – arrive in Cebu City

EDIT: earliest time allowed to start canyoning is 6AM and latest is 3PM.


  • Van rental (round trip from and to Cebu City) = P4,500.00
  • Canyoning guide, with vest and helmet (inclusive of ecotourism fee of P50.00 each)= P700.00 each
  • Lunch (inclusive of 2 viands, water, and three 1.5L soft drinks) = P150.00 each
  • Cottage in Kawasan falls = P300.00
  • Parking fee = P100.00
  • Habal-habal = P50.00 each

TOTAL: P1,345.00 each

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